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Life Update

Life Update

Hello, friends!! I have taken a little break from the blog to spend some more time with the kids as the summer approached the end, and I am excited to get back to the blog. I have some exciting projects coming up that I cant wait to share with all of you! To start off, I wanted to share a little life update with all of you and let you in on some of the things that have been going on around here.

  • Millie!! You may have seen on my stories that we got little Millie last Sunday. She is a King Charles Cavalier and we are in love!! We told the kids by placing her in the backyard and letting them see her through the window. It was one of the best surprises ever. She has been a very easy puppy so far! Millie is very cuddly and lazy perfect for our family! We did a lot of research on the breed and are excited to have such a good family dog. Mattie (our other 13 year old dog that is a Cocker Spaniel/Maltese mix) has adjusted well to her so far. She even seems to have a little more energy at times when they play. Mattie has always been such an amazing dog around kids, and we really wanted our new puppy to learn from her. Judging on how Millie has acted with Harper toting her around all week, she is going to be just fine around kids I cant get over how tiny and sweet she is!!

  •  Update on Aaron not a huge update here. For a brief review if you are new to following, Aaron was diagnosed with colon cancer 6 years ago. 3 years ago, we found out the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. He has been on treatment since with very few breaks. He is treated with one regimen until it stops working and then changes to another. Last month, we found that the regimen he was on was no longer working and he had a couple small spots on his lungs. Because of this, he again changed regimens. His new regimen is fairly tolerable he goes in once every 2 weeks for an infusion. The side effects are some nausea after the infusion it isnt as debilitating as other regimens he has had in the past. Another side effect is very irritated skin so if you see him and he looks more tan or you notice some little cuts or sores, it is because of the treatment. As always, we continue to choose to live our lives as normal as we can for the sake of our kids and ourselves. I choose to limit what I share about him and this struggle on the blog I respect his privacy, but realize this platform is a way to share our life and share updates when I dont always talk about what is going on.

  • Home life We have had such a great summer. We packed in a couple little trips to some lakes, went camping, spent a lot of time at the pool, and just enjoyed having lots of down time. School starts on Thursday for us. Elle will be in 3rd, Hudson in 1st, and Harper will be starting a 2 day preschool more to come on my feelings on this later in the week! We have some fun trips in the works and trying to make them work amidst some of the things keeping us busy right now! Our projects around the house continue. Thank you to all who voted on our master bedroom update you all were torn like me as 50% voted for blush and 50% for blue Stay tuned to see what the final design is!

  •  My activities One of the reasons things have been more quiet around here, is I have been busy working on a couple local fundraisers. I enjoy being active in different organizations in town and volunteering my time and talent to helping raise money and awareness to their causes. I agreed to chair two fundraisers I really enjoy the planning aspect of these as well as the opportunity to meet so many new people. One of the fundraisers is in October, and it is for the kids school. The second one is for our local childrens museum and will be in May. You will likely see more on my stories about these as we get closer

  • What is to come I have been working on some exciting projects that I am looking forward to sharing with all of you! First up is a full post on the treatments I get done on my face (laser, anti-aging, etc) so send any questions you have my way! I will be sharing a trip to NYC Fashion Week this is a true bucket list item for me and I am so excited to be making this happen this year!! Also, my bedroom reveal will be coming up soon. Thank you so much for following along I really love having this creative outlet and appreciate all of your support!!

XO, Brooke

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