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Christmas Cookies & Kitchen Tour
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Christmas Cookies & Kitchen Tour

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Do you bake Christmas cookies with your kids? It is something I sort of dread doingwhich sounds horrible, but I just dread the mess. After it is done, and I clean the kitchen, I am always glad we did it. It is one of those Christmas traditions I remember, and want the kids to have the same memories. This Sunday we made our cookies and all survived and had fun

I do make the dough and frosting from scratch we have basic recipes that were from my grandma and mom, and they always taste like classic Christmas cookies to me. I have the recipes below.

My kitchen decor for the holidays is pretty simple. The kitchen is one area I have to keep uncluttered and limit the decor. With everything that happens in the kitchen, I find it feels cluttered easily, so I simply replace a couple of my normal decor items with some small holiday pops. This cute Christmas tree cutting board adds to my usual collection. Adding some sprigs to my jars also create a festive feel. The wreaths on our eating area bring more greenery inand now that I am looking at the images, I think I need a small boxwood wreath on the range hood

One tip for keeping your kitchen semi neat when making cookies We cover the island in saran wrap. Then when finished, just roll up the mess in the plastic wrap and toss! We buy the plastic wrap in bulk at costco

Happy Baking!

Classic Christmas Sugar Cookies:

1 Cup butter

1 Cup granulated sugar

1 1/2 tsp vanilla

1 egg

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

3 Cup flour

  1. Beat butter and sugar until cream
  2. Add eggs and vanilla to butter and sugar mixture
  3. Combine baking powder, salt, and flour in a separate bowl.
  4. Slowly add flour mixture to butter and cream. I continue to mix on high setting. Dough will have playdoh consistency.
  5. Add flour to hands, rolling pin, and surface. Roll out dough & cut
  6. Bake at 350 for 5-8 minutes.

Classic Christmas Cookie Frosting:

1/2 Stick butter

4 Cup powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla

3-5 Tbsp milk

  1. Mix butter and slowly add sugar and continue to mix until crumbly.
  2. Add vanilla and milk, 1 Tbsp at a time, and continue to mix on high speed. Do not add too much milk!
  3. Beat until fluffy, separate into bowls, and add coloring.

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