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Happy Friday!! This was one crazy week for me! I am helping with a couple local fundraisers, and both of them have required a lot of attention this week. I love helping with these sorts of events and find fulfillment in raising money and encouraging community with these groups and I try my best to balance them with the kids, home duties, the blog, and everything else!  Despite the craziness of the week, Elle and I snuck in some girl time. We got some muffins, did some shopping, and had lots of giggles. She is at such a fun age 🙂  I wore this super comfy casual romper. It runs slightly large – I am wearing a Small and wish I had an XS.

Top Questions from the past couple weeks:

1. Skincare – you guys had lots of great questions on my skincare routine and the different laser treatments I have had done. I am working hard on a post on both. You can see an old skincare post here – my regimen is still pretty similar. I continue to faithfully use the Obaji and Skin Medica lines as the main parts of my routine. I have added in some new masks, scrubs, and serums that I will share in my post. I also am planning a post where I share the various laser treatments I have had done (Halo, BBL) and also explain the purpose, cost, recovery, and results of all of these. Stay tuned!!!

Also, would you guys be interested in a makeup post?

2. New Blog – I am SO excited to be sharing this soon. I started the new blog before Christmas – there were some hiccups and delays, but we are finally in the home stretch and getting very close to going live. I can’t wait for you all to see it! Thank you for being patient with the current website – it has gotten a little neglected during the transition. I promise the new one will be worth the wait!

3. Reward Style and – This is a confusing topic! You may see bloggers that tag or reference Reward Style. Reward Style is a company that offers a monetization platform for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers. Simply put, the company is a third party that enables influencers (like me) to obtain commission from places when a follower purchases something off of one of my affiliate links. Clear as mud? Reward style owns This is the app/website that allows you to shop my pictures. I link shopable items (outfit, skincare products, home details) through this. So buy using this, I generate commission when people shop off my links. I hope this makes sense!

4. How to Shop My Looks – This ties into the last question. The easiest way to shop my looks or pictures, is via the Shop My Instagram page on the blog. I always have this link in my profile on Instagram as well.  You can also shop my look by following me in the app – I love using the app to shop other influencers’ looks. I will make a post on this soon!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!



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