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Coffee Talk & Life Lately

Summer has been flying by!! The kids had a lot of activities in June, which kept us very busy. I am excited that things quite down in July and we can enjoy the lazy days of summer. We spent the days leading up to the 4th grilling out with friends, swimming, fishing, and knocking other things off our bucket list. I am excited for some more summer fun at my parents this weekend!

Answering some of your most popular questions from this past month!

  1. Details on eyebrow microblading! I had my eyebrows micro-bladed on 6/30. Like everyone else growing up in the 90s, I over-plucked my poor eyebrows. They have always bothered me, and I really had no idea how to fill them in, so getting something professional done was a no-brainer for me. I went to Kontempo Omaha to have the procedure done. Check out their site for answers to FAQ. Also, check out their Instagram page for some amazing before and afters!! I have been SO SO happy with the results!! I have gotten so many questions on this…I plan a full post soon! Send any questions you have on the process!

2. What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? The Anniversary Sale happens annually. See here for my early picks from the sale! Nordstroms offers things at the lowest prices of the year. Many of the items have not yet been released for purchase from the designer prior to the event. This is  a huge time to buy closet staples like boots, bags, jeans, coats…things that you are willing to splurge a little more on because they are marked down by so much. In addition to bigger items, there are plenty of lower priced items (these usually sell out first!!). Stay tuned here all next week for details of the sale.

3. How is your husband? Aaron is doing well! June marked his 6 years that he has been battling colon cancer. I tend to get a little PTSD around that time. He was diagnosed 2 days after our 7th anniversary – Elle was 2.5 and Hudson was 6months. That whole time was so horrible, and I tend to struggle a little more with it around the anniversary of the diagnosis. But, he is doing well now. He continues on treatment – it isn’t a full chemo regimen. It is one to try to suppress further growth. Because he has stage 4, he will always be on medication. It is almost like a chronic disease in which he will always stay on treatment – and the hope is that the medications continue to work and suppress the disease. When one medication stops working, the plan will be to switch to another. We pray that he continues to respond to his meds! He has a scan later in the month and we pray for good news!

4. How do you balance life as a mom and find time to do so much? I was a little thrown by this question, as some days I feel like I barely have it together. But I do try really hard to give my kids as normal of a life, especially now while things are relatively good with Aaron. I set goals for myself as a mom. I also set personal goals – things I aspire to do for only me. Those include things like this blog and continuing to take joy in things I am passionate about like decorating and style. I really think this could be a full post where I share some of the ways I set goals and motivate myself.

5. What is your workout routine?  Again, this is something I will share in a full post. Which makes me love the questions you send in – so many ideas for full posts!! I am currently using the Peloton bike 3 times per week. I enjoy  doing a 20minute ride followed by 5-10 minutes of toning (usually beyond the ride for those of you who use Peleton). I try to get this in first thing in the morning!

Keep those questions coming!! There have been some problems with the new blog and previous subscribers changing over to the new. If you haven’t been getting emails from Blushing Momma – be sure to re-subscribe on the home page!! Thank you all SO much for your support of this hobby of mine. I am so grateful to all of you for following along!!

XO, Brooke

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