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Cuddle Time – 5 Reasons to Cuddle Your Kids

Cuddle Time – 5 Reasons to Cuddle Your Kids

When asked what could be done to promote peace in the world, Mother Theresa once replied: Go home and love your family. This quote has always resonated with me.

With all of the craziness we have in our life (and the world), it has been my goal to give my kids a home filled with love. Lots of love and faith with some security and stability mixed in. It is my hope, that no matter what troubles (or joys!) their future holds, this foundation of love and faith will help them through anything. One of my favorite ways to show them love is to cuddle and today I am sharing 5 reasons to cuddle your kiddos!

1. They need it – everyone needs to be cuddled and have that physical closeness…especially little kids! In your arms is such a safe and wonderful place to be. It lets your kids know they are secure, and that, no matter what the day brought, it is finishing here in this place of love.

2. We need it – boy do I need it! Studies show that physical contact can increase the amount of oxytocin, a good hormone, that is released – and I need all of the good hormones I can get. This hormone can help put you in a better mood and lower stress.

3. It makes them smarter – Studies seem to confirm that cuddling your children is not only pleasurable for both of you, but can result in happier, healthier, more curious kids with bigger brains!

4. It helps them show affection – By making cuddling and physical affection a regular practice, you are showing your kids that this is normal behavior. Some people struggle with showing affection or physical touch. But by giving your kids frequent physical affection (even if it is awkward for you) will help them learn how to be affectionate with others.

5. It promotes your bond – Cuddle those babies while you can!! These moments of pulling them into our laps is so short (although my mom still pulls me into her lap for cuddles on a regular basis…). It gives you a time to show them that, right now in this moment it is only about you two and no one else. I love that time with each child individually.

Harper is holding her sweet little lavender satchel from Oliver & Adelaide. This satchel smells so wonderfully and she knows when I pull it out it is our cuddle time.I store it in her pajama drawer so her PJs come out smelling so amazing!! I think the lavender helps calm us both 🙂 We wrap up in her cozy moon blanket and snuggle away.If you are looking for a sweet and special baby gift – or something for yourself! – check out the darling Oliver & Adelaide shop. I have been giving this lavender satchel as a gift lately since we love it so much! Oliver & Adelaide is generously offering 25% off using code BLUSHING25

We added this floral wall decal to Harper’s room and it has given it a totally different look!! Now I want to deck out all the kids’ rooms with Urban Walls!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!xo, Brooke

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