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My kids love forts. They are constantly wanting me to build little forts for them around the house and also play in their teepee all the time. They love to haul books, dolls, the dog, pretty much anything into these forts. And I love that it keeps them entertained! I have been eyeing these Land of Nod canopies for a while here and here . Of course I want to get them each one…A, I want no fighting over who is sitting on the wrong side of the tent but I sat there first and she wont let me in…and B, I think it is too adorable to have a boy and a girl one. They could then hang it in their bedroom if they wanted and spend hours upon end reading books in their little forts like the perfect angels that they are. I didn’t really want to spend that much if I was going to get 2, so I figured I would try making them myself. I was surprised at how quick and easy they were! The kids LOVE them and have spent hours playing in them = AWESOME.

So, how did I do it? Follow below…I wanted to make these as easy as possible. My threshold to buy things vs DIY is low, so these really will not take you much time and will be worth your efforts!!

What you will need:

1. Queen size flat sheet. I went with basic white so they would match and then chose different accent garland for the respective boy and girl ones. Many sheets come as sets, so that does limit your selection a little unless you had plans for the extra fitted sheet and pillow cases. I found my white flat sheets on Amazon here. I do recommend 100% cotton to give it a more crisp look rather than a sateen sheet that may look more like a bed sheet. I do think a patterned sheet would be darling especially if you were matching a bedroom or playroom theme.

 2. Hula Hoop. I used a hula hoop for my top ring, but you could also use a large embroidery hoop. I liked these because they allowed me to adjust the size easily. **Note: if your hula hoop does not open, you will need to cut the hoop open to thread through (below).

3. Sewing machine OR needle and thread **optional -I used my sewing machine to add trim to my sheet, but this easily could have been done with needle and thread or skipped. Depending on what you are adding, you could use fabric adhesive or safety pins.

4. Embelishments. I used pom pom trim and pennant banner on mine. I think your options are endless on how you want to accessorize your canopy. Ideas include: clip on butterflies, star shaped patches, jewel garland, tassels, colored rope.

5. Approximately 1 yard of rope or twine. I found an old white rope in our garage. Again, all about keeping this simple.

5. About 30min of alone time -good luck. I used my fav babysitter, Paw Patrol.

Step 1

If you are sewing on a trim, add this first. If you plan to add embellishments that do not need to be attached at the top or opening of the sheet, you may choose to wait.

Step 2

Locate the top section of your sheet where there is a folded over seam and “pocket”. 

Cut a small slit into one side of the pocket. Be sure to use the inside section of the sheet so the seams do not show on the outside once completed. 

The slit you cut is where the hoop will enter. Repeat this step on the other side of the sheet where the hoop will exit.

Step 3

Assemble your hula hoop leaving the last 2 ends of the circle open. If you are not using a snap together one, you will need to cut through the hula hoop to open up and create a space for the sheet to be threaded through. 

Step 4

Thread hula hoop through the slit in sheet. Remember to keep the seams on the inside. Remember to keep the seams on the inside.

Continue to thread hoop through until entire sheet is on hoop. Snap the last section together and adjust sheet to cover sections of hoop. If you are using a regular hoop, I would recommend taping the open end back together with duct tape (or some other heavier tape) and adjusting sheet to cover taped area.

Step 5

Almost done! Now you will add the rope. Cut your rope into 2 equal pieces. The rope will attach to the hoop at 4 spots and cross in the middle. 

Cut 3 small slits on the inside of your sheet. Placing the opening of the sheet section of the hoop at 12 o’clock, make your 3 cuts at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The 3 slits plus the front opening will be the 4 points where the rope attaches.

Step 6

To attach the rope, begin with opening at 3 o’clock. You will thread the rope into the slit and under the hoop. Continue to thread it around the hoop until the rope comes out the top. Then tie the rope in a knot. This will be hanging up high, so it is not a big deal how the knot looks.

Use the other side of this rope to attach at the 9 o’clock position. Then repeat this step using your other rope to attach at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions. 

Step 7

You are now ready to hang!! I used hurcules hooks…remember those?! Any type of hanging hook into the ceiling would work well. Or if hanging outside, a nice big tree branch will work great.

Step 8


These were seriously worth every minute of work I put into them. My kids love them and they have held up very well despite their simple assembly. I would love to hear how yours turned out!

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