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Easter Pictures & Card

Our little bunnies 🙂 We finished our Easter pics with not much time to spare! I love to send out Easter cards every year and I cut it a little close this year. The weather here has been so hot and cold (literally), and by the time I had the kids’ Easter outfits finally pulled together, we were in the middle of a stretch of cold days. Luckily, we had a night where the temp was reasonable enough to go out and take their pictures. I find myself laughing as I go through these pictures. There is a series of them where they are all (especially Harper) are cracking up. And I can recall exactly what was making them laugh so hard…in my desperate attempt to make them all look at the camera, I grabbed the first thing I could fine (a sock) and started to bounce it on Aaron’s head. Who knew that would be the funniest thing since the Chipmunks Movie trailer?? I was so happy to catch them all looking AND smiling at the camera!

I am so happy/relieved/shocked we got some good shots of them. I love sending out Easter cards – I think in part because they are such a fresh contrast to the fall/winter look of our Christmas cards. And I figure, why not capture their cute outfits?! You spend so much time and money putting them together…better to document them on a real picture or card rather than just an iPhone pic on Easter Day. We ordered our cards from Minted. I will share a picture of them as soon as I receive them. I may be out hand delivering these on Saturday and Sunday 😉

We hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Easter. As Hudson told me the other day, “Don’t be sad that Jesus died, Mom. He comes back to life and gets to eat candy”. At least he has the general idea down 😉
XO, Brooke

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