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Friday Coffee Club
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Friday Coffee Club

Happy Friday!! Another coffee club post today! Answering some more of your questions (keep them coming) and talking about a couple things that have been on my mind.

1. Closet Sale – You may have seen on my Insta Stories, that I am considering doing a closet sale. Thank you to so many of you for voting in my Insta Story poll! I have a lot of gently worn clothes, shoes, and accessories that I have collected and my closet is bursting at the seams despite several recent purges and a move. While I donate A LOT, many of the items are ones you all have voiced interest in and I am trying to figure out the way to share it! I think the easiest way is going to start a “shop blushing momma” Instagram page – is this something you would find easy to shop? Depending how this goes, as well as the interest, I have toyed around with having a local shopping event… Stay tuned!

2. Recipe Resources – This was a very hot topic this week! I can keep sharing our meals if that is something you are all interested in! As far as where I get my recipes, I am a huge cookbook fan! I am such a visual person and find that leafing through recipe books with pictures of the meals is a great way for me to find meals we will like. Bonus, they also serve as kitchen decor! Above are some of my favorites. I also use Pinterest a lot. I will try to be better about sharing the recipe source on my stories!

3. New Shows – We are in a show rut and are in need of recommendations!! We are up to date on GOT, Walking Dead, Homeland, Stranger Things, The Crown, The Killing, Bloodline, Narcos…I know I am missing some. We just started The Looming Tower – Aaron is more into it than I am…probably because I am sitting here blogging while he watches  Would love some recommendations!

4. Workout Routine – I get so hot and cold with my workouts. I have been great this past week and really hoping I can keep my motivation strong. Summer is a big motivator to be in shape (bc my 2 recent trips weren’t!), but I really love working out for the mental clarity and higher energy aspect. I feel SO much better when I am constantly working out. How do you stay motivated? Would a post on my workout routine be something you are interested in?!

5. Layered Necklace – you are seeing the trend of a layered necklaces everywhere! I bought this one at Nordstroms recently – you can’t beat the price! There are other cute layered ones I added above. It is such a cute detail to add to a V neck or t-shirt.

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