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Spring Reading List
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Spring Reading List

Nothing helps me unwind better at night than reading a book. I have made it a rule to avoid my phone right before bed (which is hard since I use Instagram for the blog…), but I have really found that I fall asleep quicker and really enjoy getting caught up in a good book. For the Spring installment of my book list, I am again including ones that I have recently read and thoroughly enjoyed!

1. The Century Trilogy – This is for sure on of my favorite series of books I have ever read. Fair warning, they are big novels. The series consist of 3 novels: Fall of GiantsWinter World, & Edge of Eternity.  I read them last spring into summer and just started re-reading them! The books follow several families over a couple generations through the various events of history. The families become connect through the various generations. By the end of the third, I was so sad to have this series end! If you love historical fiction, you will LOVE this series.

2. We Were the Lucky Ones – I read this while on vacation at the recommendation of a friend! This book follows a Jewish family before and after WWII – if you love other recent WWII novels, you will love this book. It was inspired by the events of an actual family. The story is told by different perspectives from the different family members – this is one thing that kept me hooked!

3. Ready Player One – This book was another recommendation from a friend, and this is not the type of book I usually choose. It is a futuristic story that, by certain aspects, seems as though it could happen! The characters spend most of their time in a virtual reality competing in a contest. The fun part was Aaron read this along with me!

4. The Girl Who Was Taken – This was a quick thriller that I really enjoyed. The story is about two teenagers who disappeared and one returned, but a mystery surrounds the events around their disappearance and survival. Sometimes I need a good quick, thriller style, read after reading a long novel – this was one of those!

5. The Hopefuls – This book follows a young, DC couple and their political dreams. He becomes an important member of a campaign run, and the story follows the troubles that this campaign puts on their marriage. While this book is not a thriller, it really had me hooked! I am pretty sure I read it in less than a week!

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