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Brunch Board

Every year, on the first day of school, a friend and I host a back to school brunch for our fellow moms. We call it a “Boo-hoo or Yahoo” brunch and we toast (with or without tears!) or kids starting another year of school. We have served different food over the past couple years, but this year’s is my favorite! It was so easy and cute – I wanted to share it with all of you!

We served a “brunch board”. Think a charcuterie board, but with fruits, nuts, chocolates, and small pastries. This couldn’t be easier to create! All of the pastries were purchased pre-made, which made things very easy. To start, I placed the larger pastries on stands and in bowls next to the boards. After placing the bowls of fruits and spreads, I placed the pastries on the boards. Then I added the rest of the fruits to the board. Last I sprinkled the granola and chocolates around.

On the stands: Croissants, mini bagels, carrot-cake cookie sandwiches

In the bowls: Butter, Cream cheese, berry preserves, figs, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries

On the boards: mini muffins, pecan pastries, apricots, strawberries, grapes, granola, dark chocolate covered açaí berries.

This was such a fun thing to create and could be used at so many different functions! It also can be easily modified – happy creating!

XO, Brooke

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