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Hand Tied Hair Extensions with Kontempo

Hand Tied Hair Extensions with Kontempo

As you may have seen in my Instagram Stories, I recently got hand-tied hair extensions at Kontempo in Omaha! This is something I have wanted to try for a while and I am so excited to share with you guys the results and the process. If you have ever considered extensions or wanted thicker or longer hair, this post is for you!

My hair has always been fairly thick, but will tend to look thinner at the ends because of the layers. I wanted the ends of my hair to be a little thicker and possibly add a little length.

In the past, I have worn clip-in extensions on occasion. While they achieve the look I am going for, they have some downsides. I have had them exposed when the wind picks up outside and I dislike the inability to pull my hair up when wearing them. I have not tried tape-in extensions mainly because I am worried about the same problems I experienced with the clip-ins, plus the damage to my hair.

Kirby, my hair stylist and close friend, convinced me to try hand tied extensions. I have had them for the past 2 weeks and am LOVING them!! Not only did I get a little added volume, but also some additional length. They look SO natural and are dyed to match my hair color. You cannot see the extensions when I pull my hair up or when the wind blows  See below for some of the questions I had as well as questions I received from you!

What are hand-tied extensions? Hand-tied extensions are 100% human hair that come in various lengths. The “strand” of hair is called a weft and they are sewn to your natural hair by attaching small beads and threading the strands onto the beads and your hair. One weft of hair is wrapped around from approximately temple to temple. Generally, 4 wefts are sewn together to create one row – my look was created with 5 wefts. You are able to add as many rows as you would like. Because of my thicker hair and desire for volume and not a lot of length needed, I only had one row + one weft added, however, you are able to add many depending on your desired look!

How are they different? Hand-tied extensions have a completely different application process. As their name indicates, the wefts are hand-tied or sewn onto your existing hair. This allows for a less visible extension as well as less damage to your natural hair.

How are they applied? Watch the below video to see the application process!! In addition to having the extensions placed, most will need coloring of the hair to match your natural hair and highlights.

What is the cost? Kontempo charges $600 for one row (4 wefts). Each additional weft added to this row is $100/each and, depending on hair density, you can add up to 2 additional wefts to one row (total of 6). This cost includes the purchase of the hair and installation. I had one row (4 wefts $600) plus one additional weft for a total of 5 wefts placed ($700). You are purchasing the wefts, which can be reused several times! There is also the cost your regular cut and color added to this.

What is the upkeep? You will need to have the extensions re-applied or “moved up” every 8-10 weeks. For me, this is the same as my usual timing of my color – so no extra visits. The cost to have them moved up is $100/hour and should average around $150-400 depending on the number of wefts/rows you have in place. Again, you will have the addition cost of your usual cut and color. Taking care of your extensions can help extend their life – ask your stylist for tips on how best to care for them. Using salon grade products as well as being careful when you comb them are very important.

Do they hurt? The application process of the wefts can be slightly painful. They are being applied tightly to the scalp (which is a good thing!) and this can cause some discomfort while they are sewing them into place. I found the most painful part to be when they washed my hair post-color – which is usually my most relaxing part  The discomfort lasted about 24 hours. I did take ibuprofen before and after the placement which did help. After the initial discomfort, it did take me a good week to get used to the added weight and feel of having the extensions in place. Now at 2 weeks out, I barely notice them!!

Where to go? Do your research before you invest in hand-tied extensions!! You want a salon and stylist who has been sufficiently trained specifically in hand-tied extensions. You also want to make sure the salon is using 100% human hair that is ethically sourced – this was a big one for me! Kontempo stylists have been extensively trained in this are and I was so happy with the process. I always appreciate Kirby’s honest opinion and expert skills – he is the best 

Let me know any questions you have!! I am obsessed with the look – I love the added volume and length SO much. A huge thank-you to Kirby and the team at Kontempo for their expertise!!

XO, Brooke

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