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My Home Workouts
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My Home Workouts

I have always worked out at home, so the current closure of gyms hasn’t impacted my workouts. I have, however, found that I need my workouts now more than ever to stay sane. I am by no means a fitness blogger, but have found some tools and exercises that work for me.

TRX Bands – I use these bands for toning and strength. They use your own body weight to build strength, tone, and increase flexibility. TRX does have an app to help train, but I do not pay for this service. There are several YouTube videos that I watched early on to get ideas. I usually do 5 minutes each of plank variations, pull-up variations, and stretches when I use the bands.

Yoga  – I do yoga a couple times a week and usually use the on-demand classes from Peloton. I noticed that I tend to get tight and lose flexibility from riding the bike and the yoga helps improve these. I also find that it helps me relax so much.  This is hands down my favorite yoga mat. I have purchased less expensive ones and do find that they tend to smell more and not hold up as well over time. Yoga blocks are another tool you will want at home to help with you with your moves.

Peloton – I get a lot of questions on my Peloton and the number one question is if it is worth the money. We got ours about 2 years ago. I had zero interest in it and had never ridden. Aaron really wanted the bike as he loved his cycling classes and wanted to be able to work out from home. I grudgingly tried it and became addicted. I love the cycling classes and was surprised at how many additional classes they have – yoga, strength toning, stretches, meditation & more. I am not a super intense rider and tend to stick to the 20 minute rides. After a ride I always do some form of strength training like arms or core. I find all of the classes to be SO motivating and I love having the group experience from my own home. If you are like me and want the flexibility of being able to work out from home on your own schedule, you will LOVE the bike.

Free Weights – I use my free weights when I do the arm toning exercises on Peloton. The bike does come with a set of 2lb weights, but I do like to use more weight when doing the exercises.

My usual weekly routine varies on my motivation and schedule! I work on Mondays & Thursdays, so I try to fit in a walk outside on those days.

Monday: walk outside

Tuesday: 20min ride & 10 minute arms or core on Peloton

Wednesday: TRX bands & 30-45 minute Peloton yoga or ride & toning

Thursday: walk outside

Friday: 20min ride & 10 minute arms or core on Peloton

Saturday: TRX bands & 30-45min of Peloton yoga

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