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New School Year – 5 Personal Goals
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New School Year – 5 Personal Goals

Our lazy summer days have ended, and we are officially back in school mode. Back to school is not only a great time to set family goals (more to come on this!), but also personal goals. I like to periodically reflect on previous goals, analyze what is working or how to improve, and set new goals. While some are simple and easily accomplished, others require more reflection and effort.

  1. Time management – The older two are in grade school and Harper is in Preschool. This gives me a couple mornings each week to myself, and I want to use this time to its full advantage! While the occasional morning of relaxing on the couch and enjoying my coffee & Today show is great, my goal is to use this time to get things accomplished. Things like, household work, blog, emails, etc & etc sometimes get in my way of my time with the family, and I want to use my alone time to accomplish some of this! For me, to-do lists and planning my time in advanced help me stay on task and fends off my lazy side.
  2. Great mornings – Sending the kids off for the day on a positive and happy note is always a big goal of mine. Some mornings are a lot easier than others depending how chaotic or sleep deprived we are. A couple things really help me start the morning off great. First, my morning coffee in silence is crucial for me. Having at least 30min before the kids wake up to enjoy my coffee and the morning news allows me time to caffeinated and prepare for the day 🙂 Second, I get everything laid out and finished the night before – I will share more on this in our family goals post. Clothes are laid out, lunches are made, forms signed, backpacks packed – all done the night before to cut down on morning chaos. Lastly, allowing ample time gives us flexibility should anything try to disrupt our morning. Sending the kids off happy in the mornings fills my heart and often sets the tone for my day.
  3. Workouts/self care – This is always on my list of goals (as everyones!)! While I tried to stay on track during the summer…there were vacations and lazy days mixed in. Getting back on track with my workouts helps me mentally and physically. My timing of my workouts vary, but again, planning & scheduling helps me stay on track and accountable with this goal. Having the time to work out and burn off some stress also carves in that time to myself that is so important.
  4. Staying on top of paperwork & clutter – Between school forms, bills, invites, volunteer & blog work papers, it can get easy to get buried and miss deadlines. Staying on top of paperwork is always a goal – but the start of the school year gives the opportunity to start fresh with this goal. By filling out or addressing the form etc immediately, it doesn’t even make its way to my to-do list! As far as staying on top of clutter, this is always an ongoing goal for me and one I stay pretty well on top of. Once every other week (corresponds with when my cleaning lady comes) I go through the house with a garbage bag and fill it up!
  5. Goal Setting – One of my goal is to set more goals! 😉 This is more setting small goals each week or month. This week was to not eat cereal at bedtime (my ultimate weakness)! This month is to read my devotional every day. I keep track of these smaller goals in my planner and reflect back on them at the end of each week and month (this planner has spots for this exact thing!). When I find myself continuing to put the same goal on my list month to month, I try to reflect on the obstacles that are preventing me from accomplishing this. I also try to celebrate those goals that I am achieving.

I hope this gives you a little motivation to set some mid-year or back to school goals for yourself! I would love to hear what some of your goals are!!

XO, Brooke

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