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New Year Reset & Tips for Self Care

New Year Reset & Tips for Self Care

We are over the week into the new year and, for many people, over a week into working on resolutions. Whether of not you set resolutions in January, I think it is a great time to push the reset button or examine what areas of your life need a little improvement. During the holiday months, I certainly indulge in a lot of great food and drinks and let go of my normal routines, so I like to hit the reset button in January.

Getting back on track with my routine and healthier lifestyle not only helps me physically, but also mentally. I had some requests to share how I balance it all – home life, work, blog, Aaron’s treatments – and I am the first to admit that I do not always have balance. Every component of our life can become overwhelming at times. But I find that the days or weeks where I feel my best and have the most balance are the weeks I have taken the best care of myself. It is amazing how taking care of myself results in the areas of my life running smoothly. Carving out time for self care is so very important – even if it is just getting up 15 minues earlier for some coffee in peace. Today I am sharing some tools that I use daily to help me with self-care!

Tools for Self Care

1 – Great Activewear – Look good, feel good, right?! I certainly feel more motived to workout when I have comfy and cute workout gear. Lately I am OBSESSED with the lululemon Align line of clothing. The extra high waist leggings are so great and the material is SO comfortable. I have the pants in several colors. My favorite bra is the Energy bra – I won’t wear any other sports bra. I recently got the Long Line version and love it paired with high leggings. Then you just have to workout. My mental health and general attitude and outlook are SO improved by getting a little exercise in each day. More on my workout routine soon!!

2 – Be Well – Reading this book the first time was such an eye opener for me. It is a book that will scientifically explain to you (pharmacist in me) why most diets do not work and goes on to explain principles that you should use in your diet to help keep you healthier. I make her Fab 4 Smoothie on the days I workout – so crazy how adding each of the 4 components keeps you SO full. I do not follow this book and diet to the exact mark – I think the main take away points are important. And I love using it to reset after an indulgent weekend (or month in the case of the holidays!). I even had Aaron read this book!

3 – Water – I usually do not drink near enough water on a daily basis. A friend started a goal to drink 50oz of per day starting with the new year. I have been keeping up with this goal and it is crazy how it is affecting me. Yes, I pee so much more. But my skin looks better, I don’t seem to snack as much, and I just feel better. I like this water bottle because it gives you times and oz markers – so you know how much you need to drink by 10am, 11am, etc. You refill it at noon and have the rest of the day to drink the remainder. It also has a strainer attachment so you can add fruits to the bottle.

4 – Planner – my weeks would be a hectic mess without this planner. We use a shared iPhone calendar for ours and the kids’ schedules, but the paper planner is where all of my details happen. I am a list maker and include daily to-do lists, meal planning, notes from meetings, and reminder lists all in here. During hectic weeks, this is a life saver. I like to plan out my day to be more efficient and will even schedule in laundry loads, lol. I will schedule in my workout time to hold me accountable.

5 – Tea & Relaxation – Every night before bed, I have a cup of sleepy-time tea and sit in drink it in peace in our room. After I put the kids to bed, have finished household things, and finished my skincare, I will drink this tea in quiet and I look forward to this time every day. Sometimes I work on my laptop, sometimes I read, and others I just sit in in peace and reflect or relax. It has become my body’s cue to relax and wind down for bed.

I hope you are encouraged to take some time for yourself during your daily life. You really will find that self-care will help so many other areas run smoother – or at least help you manage them better or have a more positive outlook on them. It certainly helps me.

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